CityMed Physiotherapy Ltd

CityMed Physiotherapy Ltd

CityMed Physiotherapy Ltd operates as part of the CityMed Medical Centre on Albert St in Auckland’s Central Business District.  The medical centre consists of over a dozen dedicated health professionals including doctors, blood lab technicians, radiologist, pharmacists, podiatrists, and physiotherapists who work together to provide all the healthcare you need.

The philosophy at CityMed Physiotherapy is to find and treat the cause of the injury not just the symptoms, and to educate and treat to prevent further injury. All of our physiotherapists are experienced health professionals who are driven to provide the highest quality service to address the individual needs of our clients.


  Jammie Tetzlaff - Director/ Senior Physiotherapist- MPNZ, BHSc(Physio), PGC (Acupuncture)

Jammie Tetzlaff - Director/ Senior Physiotherapist- MPNZ, BHSc(Physio), PGC (Acupuncture)

After traveling from Canada in 1999, Jammie graduated from the Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and completed a Post-Graduate in Western Acupuncture.

Jammie has worked in private practice physiotherapy since 2002 and been director of CityMed Physio, Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy, and QuayMed Physiotherapy. She enjoys treating a wide range of conditions but most importantly is passionate about people, making them feel and move better. By focusing on correcting poor biomechcanics of the body and educating patients to take control of their own condition, further injury is prevented and patients get back to sport and work life.

She also takes special interest in manual therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy/muscle release techniques which are all excellent tools to enhance sports and day to day performance.

Jammie is very active and enjoys running, tennis, yoga, snow skiing, and takes special interest in gardening, photography, and design.


  Pauline Thorp - Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates - MNZSP BSc (Hons)

Pauline Thorp - Physiotherapist/Clinical Pilates - MNZSP BSc (Hons)

Pauline completed her physiotherapy degree in 2002 with a post graduate in Acupuncture. She has worked in a range of Musculoskeltal physiotherapy clinics throughout the years and has a special intesrest in Clinical Pilates to rehab her clients.

To book a Physio, Pilates or acupuncture appointment with Pauline ring CityMed Physio on 09 3775525 today!


  Michelle Booth- Senior Physiotherapist

Michelle Booth- Senior Physiotherapist

Michelle Booth works at our QuayMed Physio Clinic at 68 Beach Road Auckland City. She is an exceptional physiotherapist. She has a wealth of experience as a specialist clinician which includes 27 years in private practice as a leading sports medicine provider to the Kiwis Rugby League Team, The Blues Super 15 Rugby Team, Auckland Rugby League and the Auckland Touch Association to name just a few.

With a background as an ex Auckland Champion cyclist and a multisport competitor Michelle knows what it takes to recover quickly from injuries and stay competitive.

Michelle is also big on injury prevention using muscle balance assessment and video analysis to detect altered movement patterns which lead to injuries. Michelle can create a rehabilitation programme with specific correction exercises for your needs. Quaymed Physiotherapy has access to Les Mills Britamart which enables our clients to achieve the best results with their rehabilitation or injury prevention goals.

Michelle has rehabilitated some of New Zealand’s best sports people and will have you on your feet in no time.

Ring QuayMed Physio on 09 919 2555 today to book your physio appointment today!


  Jun Hong - Massage Therapist

Jun Hong - Massage Therapist

Diploma in Health Science (Therapeutic Massage) – New Zealand College of Massage
Certificate in Relaxation Massage - New Zealand College of Massage
Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science - AUT
Jun has completed his Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 2014. He also completed Diploma in Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage) & Diploma in Health Sciences (Sports and Massage Therapy) at New Zealand College of Massage in 2016.
Jun holds a firm belief that massage is a powerful tool for healing and revitalizing both body and mind. Jun is specialized in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Myofascial Release (MFR), Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic, Sports, Deep-Tissue and Relaxation Massage.
Jun’s main interest lies in helping people suffering from different types of pain whether it’s from chronic pain (e.g. frozen shoulder, lower back pain), sports injuries (e.g. patellofemoral pain syndrome, ITB friction syndrome) or work-related injuries (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, tension headaches). Jun approaches holistically to develop personalized treatment plans that cater to their specific needs and goals.
Jun is also experienced providing massage services at a number of different sporting events and these include: 2017 World Master Games, North Harbour Rugby, North Harbour Women’s Rugby, Waitakere United FC, CrossFit, Relay for Life and Coatesville Half Marathon.
Jun has a keen sporting background, where in 2010 he played 3rd division professional soccer league in Korea (K3 League) and Auckland City FC Youth in 2011.
Jun is an exceptional massage therapist who understands the physiology of the human body & what makes it function and balanced. I have been seeing Jun for approximately 6 months and he has helped me through a couple of injuries that not only have physiotherapists have failed to fix in many visits, but Jun has managed to fix in one or two sessions with remarkable results.
Allowing me to still continue to enjoy my sports and keep active. I highly recommend Jun” Craig


  Aaron Walker- Podiatrist, Biomechanist

Aaron Walker- Podiatrist, Biomechanist

Aaron Walker is a an Internationally experienced Podiatrist and Director of Walker Health Group which offers Podiatry - Biomechanics - Orthotics services at Citymed physiotherpy.

Aaron has worked in Lower limb health and specialized in Biomechanics and Orthotic for more than 20 years. He has worked with professional athletes, teams and organisations developing a deep understanding of foot and foot related lower limb health.
Walker Health's philosophy is patient focused and evidenced based ensuring all patients receive an international quality service no matter their background, activity or age. Orthotics prescribed by Walker Health carry a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.   
Ring today for an appointment on 09 3925537 (09 3 WALKER)

  Heewook Park - Acupuncturist

Heewook Park - Acupuncturist

Heewook is our acupuncturist at CityMed Physio. He graduated from NZCCM with a Bachelor of Health Science Majoring in Chinese Medicine. He practices Traditional Chinese Medicine which focuses on holistic treatments and has treated and helped many different types of diseases, pain and discomfort from injury with acupuncture. His belief and passion for the application and treatment of Traditional Oriental Medicine is endless and he belives in the application of physiotherapy and acupuncture which clincally have proven results.

He continues to enjoy learning new skills and extending his knowledge on the Art of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

He also enjoy practicing Taichi and Qigong, and a love of good cuisine.

All initial appointments are free on ACC.

Ring in on 093775525 to book in today!


  Thomas Bulkeley NZRP, BHSc (Physiotherapy), PostGrad Diploma

Thomas Bulkeley NZRP, BHSc (Physiotherapy), PostGrad Diploma

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Senior Physiotherapist

Thomas has over ten years experience, in Auckland and London, since graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2004 and then a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2013.

He is a certified 'McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy' practitioner and takes a special interest in active patient involvement and education to treat sports and spinal problems.

He has developed a special interest in shoulder rehabilitation after having an on going personal experience of shoulder injuries and surgery.

Thomas' other interests include keeping fit by mountain biking, snowboarding, and DIYing.




  Sharon Nash - Hand Therapist- BHSc(Physio), PgCertHSc(Acupuncture), BA, NZRP, RHT(NZAHT)

Sharon Nash - Hand Therapist- BHSc(Physio), PgCertHSc(Acupuncture), BA, NZRP, RHT(NZAHT)

Sharon is a Physiotherapist who has specialised in the treatment of hand, wrist, forearm and elbow injuries, and is a registered Hand Therapist.

Hand and wrist injuries are one of the most common reasons for referral to Accident and Medical Centers, as we all use our hands in a number of different ways. Whether your finger was bent whilst trying to catch a netball, you fell over whilst skiing, you lifted the baby awkwardly, or you’re
having pins and needles in your hands, the ensuing pain and disability can seemingly affect almost every aspect of how you live your life.

Sharon has 10 years experience as a Physiotherapist, and finds Hand Therapy tremendously rewarding, as patients’ progress through their rehabilitation, and achieve their goals. In recognition of the fact that there was no Hand Therapy service available in Auckland City, Sharon has started City Hands to provide excellence in management of hand-forearm disorders in a convenient, central location. At present, injuries that are covered by ACC are fully funded – including both the appointment and the cost of any splinting.



  Linda Daniell - Mindfulness Therapist

Linda Daniell - Mindfulness Therapist

Linda is passionate about the benefits of practicing and teaching mindfulness that allows people to be ‘in the moment’ and experience the joy of being who we are; our authentic selves. She has completed teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) through the Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia (MTIA).  She is also a mindfulness practitioner and facilitator for Mindfulness Works (www. mindfulness


Continuing professional development is a priority to stay current with the latest scientific findings that are providing more and more evidence that (mindful) meditators are happier and calmer people.


Linda has a regular meditation and yoga practice and attends silent retreats to maintain her own well-being and recharge her mind, body and spirit.


I am here at Citymed to facilitate your mindfulness practice to be a happier, calmer self. I work with individuals and groups and can help with,


  • Pain management

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Increased resilience

  • Work life balance

  • Personal responsibility


To make appointment:

Call:      +64 21 656 986


Hours:  Monday 1.30pm to 4.30pm or by arrangement




  CHANTAL CUTHERS - Associate Registered Nutritionist - BSc, BA (Human Nutrition, Exercise Science, Psychology)

CHANTAL CUTHERS - Associate Registered Nutritionist - BSc, BA (Human Nutrition, Exercise Science, Psychology)

Chantal completed her BA in Psychology at Waikato University in 2009, and then her BSc in Nutrition and Exercise Science at Massey University in 2014. She has been working clinically for 2 years now and is enthusiastic about shifting the traditional and outdated view of nutritional science and move people toward healthier and sustainable habits. 

She specialises in whole food approaches to managing health and well-being, with particular interests in fertility, pregnancy and childhood nutrition, women's health, and weight management through nourishing whole food approaches, not strict dieting behaviour. 

Chantal is active, social and really does practice what she preaches to maintain her busy yet balanced lifestyle. She has a passion for cooking, the environment, and travels extensively with her partner. You can contact her directly at 



  Robynne Armstrong- Senior Hand Therapist - Dip Phty, Reg Hand Therapist, MPNZ, MNZAHT

Robynne Armstrong- Senior Hand Therapist - Dip Phty, Reg Hand Therapist, MPNZ, MNZAHT

Robynne is a Senior Physiotherapist who has been a registered hand therapist since 2008. The hand therapy contract covers all injuries from the distal humerus to finger tip and under the ACC contract the first treatment is free. We are able to custom make splints or supply off the shelf splints for our patients. These include mallet, CMC, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, de quervains, PIP dislocation and ligament strain injuries to name a few.

Robynne specializes in hand therapy as well as general physiotherapy for all your musculoskeletal injuries.

Robynne works in our south Auckland clinic Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy.

Ring 09 235 9192 to book your session today.


  Nicci Burnett- Senior Physiotherapist- BPTHY

Nicci works out of our South Auckland physiotherapy clinic at Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy. Nicci treats a wide range of conditions including sports, spinal, and occupational injuries. She has a holistic approach to the rehabilitation process and uses a wide range of treatment including myofascial release, massage, manual therapy and dry needling just to name a few. She spend alot of time in the gym with clients rehabilitating them to get them back to the work force and to full day to day function.

Ring 09 235 9192 to book your session today.


  Patrice Hardy: BSHc Acupuncture and TCM, R.N.

Patrice Hardy: BSHc  Acupuncture and TCM, R.N.
Patrice Hardy is a traditionally trained Acupuncturist and has been in practice since 2004.  
Patrice treats a wide variety of ailments from pregnancy related conditions (infertility, pre and post natal care), to chronic disease and pain.  Basically anything!
Patrice is a ACC treatment provider and is looking forward to providing ‘ Waiukuians ‘ a comprehensive service of the benefits of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Patrice will be transitioning from the ‘ city ‘ to the local area and is looking forward to living the quarter acre dream!

  Jenette Fursdon- Massage Therapist

Jenette is our fabulous massage therapist at our Waiuku Health Plus Phyiso Clinic at 30 Constable Road. She compliements all our therapists with her therapuetic treatments consisting of sports massage, deep tissue, and relaxation massage.

Our massage specials are running and we have gift vouchers available for that special someone.

Ring 09 235 9192 ext 2 to book your appointment today.


  Teresa Kyd- Practise Manager

Teresa is our lovely practise manager at our physio clinics. She excels in her friendly reception and administration skills, and keeping the practise running smoothly on a day to day basis. For all clinic enquiries ring 09 235 9192 ext 2 or email on




  Heather Marriner- Accounts and Reception

Heather is our lovely accounts and receptionist specialist. Any accounting enquiries Heather will be usre to help you out. If its simply an appointment you are after give her a call. She is so very efficient, organized, and friendly which is key to running a great practise.

You can find her in the afternoons on 09 235 9192 ext 2.


Contact us today to book an appointment.