CityMed Physiotherapy Ltd

CityMed Physiotherapy Ltd

CityMed Physiotherapy Ltd operates as part of the CityMed Medical Centre on Albert St in Auckland’s Central Business District.  The medical centre consists of over a dozen dedicated health professionals including doctors, blood lab technicians, radiologist, pharmacists, podiatrists, and physiotherapists who work together to provide all the healthcare you need.

The philosophy at CityMed Physiotherapy is to find and treat the cause of the injury not just the symptoms, and to educate and treat to prevent further injury. All of our physiotherapists are experienced health professionals who are driven to provide the highest quality service to address the individual needs of our clients.


  Jammie Tetzlaff - Director/ Senior Physiotherapist- MPNZ, BHSc(Physio), PGC (Acupuncture)

Jammie Tetzlaff - Director/ Senior Physiotherapist- MPNZ, BHSc(Physio), PGC (Acupuncture)

After traveling from Canada in 1999, Jammie graduated from the Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy and completed a Post-Graduate in Western Acupuncture.

Jammie has worked in private practice physiotherapy since 2002 and been director of CityMed Physio, Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy, and QuayMed Physiotherapy. She enjoys treating a wide range of conditions but most importantly is passionate about people, making them feel and move better. By focusing on correcting poor biomechcanics of the body and educating patients to take control of their own condition, further injury is prevented and patients get back to sport and work life.

She also takes special interest in manual therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy/muscle release techniques which are all excellent tools to enhance sports and day to day performance.

Jammie is very active and enjoys running, tennis, yoga, snow skiing, and takes special interest in gardening, photography, and design.


  Jasmin Jolly - Physiotherapist

Jasmin Jolly - Physiotherapist

Jasmin has always had a focus on working with people to achieve their goals. This passion developed into a health and movement focus through her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at AUT. As a student Jasmin was part of a research group who published a study relating to people's experiences of arthritis and its treatments in New Zealand, giving her insight into how ongoing limitations and injury affect people's lives.

She has been working in private practice physiotherapy gaining experience in multiple areas including sports, rehab, exercises based, post operative and manual therapy to help people recover and move better. She has worked with both senior rugby, senior football, and youth touch teams as well as people of all ages in clinic. In her physiotherapy practice, she utilises a range of manual therapy techniques to address the causes of pain, biomechanical issues and loss of everyday function. Techniques include massage, myofascial therapy, dry needling and joint mobilisation.

In her free time Jasmin enjoys keeping fit at the gym, playing hockey and hiking to explore the beautiful country we live in.


  Julie Dunn - Pilates Instructor

Julie Dunn - Pilates Instructor
Julie has been practising Pilates for 16 years and qualified as a comprehensive Pilates teacher through the Pilates Foundation in the UK in 2006.  
She has a background in dance and movement but her passion is in educating others to overcome their musculoskeletal issues through thoughtful exercise.  Her classes include a mix of classical Pilates repertoire with somatic influences from a variety of other movement practices.
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  Dan Tuke - Chiropractor

Dan Tuke - Chiropractor

Dan has been a chiropractor for the past 8 years, over this time has worked at numerous practices in Australia and NZ. He is passionate about helping clients move better, function well, and live a healthier life.

After getting an accurate picture of where clients are at, care may include a series of chiropractic sessions to change a specific condition, or the client may be happy to take the information and use physio, yoga, pilates or another health provider to help! The care plans are largely based around current chiropractic (and medical) science, mobility principles from selective functional movement assessment (SFMA) and pragmatic thinking.

In terms of Chiropractic techniques, He has a specific and gentle approach to manual chiropractic adjustments, and also use a range of techniques including instrument adjustments and sacral wedges. I combine these with stretches, exercises and soft tissue work.

I feel the greatest help practitioner can be is to provide a detailed accurate picture of where a client is at are at, take care of their complaints, or find someone who can. Beyond that, advise of ways in which they can regain or maintain proper movement, that is vital to functioning and living well.

To book a session with Dan at Citymed call 0279345458.


  Christine Cunningham

Christine Cunningham

Christine returned to New Zealand in 2016 after 27 years in London. She has over 20
years’ experience as a health practitioner and is a great advocate of the healing
power of yoga. Christine teaches and practises in the Auckland CBD and on Waiheke
Christine was trained at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in the UK,
gaining her Licentiate in Acupuncture in 1997 and Diploma of Chinese
Herbal Medicine in 2000. She practises both TCM and Five Element Styles. At your
initial consultation, Christine takes your entire health history, including any
contributing lifestyle factors. 
Having practised yoga since 2006, Christine completed her yoga teacher training in
2014. She trained in Ashtanga but other influences include Hatha, Viniyoga, Vinyasa
Flow and Yin Yoga. Her teaching style is informed by her health practice, placing
great importance on correct technique and safe practice. Every class starts and ends
with pranayama - yogic breathing. Chrissie has taught specialised workshops on the
chakra system since 2005.


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  Sharon Nash - Hand Therapist- BHSc(Physio), PgCertHSc(Acupuncture), BA, NZRP, RHT(NZAHT)

Sharon Nash - Hand Therapist- BHSc(Physio), PgCertHSc(Acupuncture), BA, NZRP, RHT(NZAHT)

Sharon is a Physiotherapist who has specialised in the treatment of hand, wrist, forearm and elbow injuries, and is a registered Hand Therapist.

Hand and wrist injuries are one of the most common reasons for referral to Accident and Medical Centers, as we all use our hands in a number of different ways. Whether your finger was bent whilst trying to catch a netball, you fell over whilst skiing, you lifted the baby awkwardly, or you’re
having pins and needles in your hands, the ensuing pain and disability can seemingly affect almost every aspect of how you live your life.

Sharon has 10 years experience as a Physiotherapist, and finds Hand Therapy tremendously rewarding, as patients’ progress through their rehabilitation, and achieve their goals. In recognition of the fact that there was no Hand Therapy service available in Auckland City, Sharon has started City Hands to provide excellence in management of hand-forearm disorders in a convenient, central location. At present, injuries that are covered by ACC are fully funded – including both the appointment and the cost of any splinting.



  Thomas Bulkeley NZRP, BHSc (Physiotherapy), PostGrad Diploma

Thomas Bulkeley NZRP, BHSc (Physiotherapy), PostGrad Diploma

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Senior Physiotherapist

Thomas has over ten years experience, in Auckland and London, since graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2004 and then a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2013.

He is a certified 'McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy' practitioner and takes a special interest in active patient involvement and education to treat sports and spinal problems.

He has developed a special interest in work station set up and work ergonomics and shoulder rehabilitation after having an on going personal experience of shoulder injuries and surgery.

Thomas' other interests include keeping fit by mountain biking, snowboarding, and DIYing.

Thomas will come out to any work place and set up your work station so you prevent work place injury and keep moving pain free! Email Jammie on today to book in. 



  Aaron Walker- Podiatrist, Biomechanist

Aaron Walker- Podiatrist, Biomechanist

Aaron Walker is a an Internationally experienced Podiatrist and Director of Walker Health Group which offers Podiatry - Biomechanics - Orthotics services at Citymed physiotherpy.

Aaron has worked in Lower limb health and specialized in Biomechanics and Orthotic for more than 20 years. He has worked with professional athletes, teams and organisations developing a deep understanding of foot and foot related lower limb health.
Walker Health's philosophy is patient focused and evidenced based ensuring all patients receive an international quality service no matter their background, activity or age. Orthotics prescribed by Walker Health carry a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.   
Ring today for an appointment on 09 3925537 (09 3 WALKER)

  Simon Cunliffe- Sonographer, Biomechanist

Simon Cunliffe- Sonographer, Biomechanist

Simon Cunliffe is a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Director of Pure Ultrasound, he attained a post graduate Diploma in General ultrasound in 2002. Simon has held several managerial roles during his career, these include Radiology manager at Manor House hospital in London for 2 years and several Lead Sonographer roles in the Greater Auckland area including Middlemore Hospital where he trained. Simon is an expert in musculoskeletal ultrasound and has been performing musculoskeletal scans for over 14 years and has willingly tutored and passed on his specialist musculoskeletal skills to students and other qualified Sonographers. He is also experienced in general abdominal, pelvis, small parts and vascular ultrasound.
Simon’s personal interests include family, long walks and watching rugby.


  Mr John Mutu-Grigg -OrthopedicSurgeon

Mr John Mutu-Grigg -OrthopedicSurgeon


John gained his medical degree at Auckland Medical School in 2002 and then pursued his interest in orthopaedic surgery, attaining admission into the New Zealand Advanced Orthopaedic Training Scheme in 2007. During this time he worked with some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Auckland and around New Zealand.


· Hip and knee - diagnosing and treating hip and knee pain and arthritis, with primary total joint replacement and reconstruction.

· All hand and wrist conditions from acute trauma to degenerative osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

· Peripheral nerve conditions of the hand, upper and lower limbs.



· Arthroplasty - Hip and Knee Replacement

· Hand and Wrist


· MB ChB 2003 Auckland; FRACS (Orth) 2011

Post-fellowship Training

· John was awarded Fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2011. He then travelled internationally for a further 2 years to obtain sub-specialist training. He spent a year at the internationally renowned London Health Sciences Centre at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. There he specialised in arthroplasty (hip and knee replacements) specialising in complex cases. He then spent a further year at the University of Toronto at Toronto Western Hospital specialising in hand and wrist, microsurgery and peripheral nerve surgery.


Please Contact for bookings: 09 280 3344



  Robynne Armstrong- Senior Hand Therapist - Dip Phty, Reg Hand Therapist, MPNZ, MNZAHT

Robynne Armstrong- Senior Hand Therapist - Dip Phty, Reg Hand Therapist, MPNZ, MNZAHT

Robynne is a Senior Physiotherapist who has been a registered hand therapist since 2008. The hand therapy contract covers all injuries from the distal humerus to finger tip and under the ACC contract the first treatment is subsidised. We are able to custom make splints or supply off the shelf splints for our patients. These include mallet, CMC, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, de quervains, PIP dislocation and ligament strain injuries to name a few.

Robynne specializes in hand therapy as well as general physiotherapy for all your musculoskeletal injuries.

Robynne works in our south Auckland clinic Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy.

Ring 09 235 9192 to book your session today.


  Nicci Burnett- Senior Physiotherapist- BPTHY

Nicci works out of our South Auckland physiotherapy clinic at Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy. Nicci treats a wide range of conditions including sports, spinal, and occupational injuries. She has a holistic approach to the rehabilitation process and uses a wide range of treatment including myofascial release, massage, manual therapy and dry needling just to name a few. She spend alot of time in the gym with clients rehabilitating them to get them back to the work force and to full day to day function.

Ring 09 235 9192 to book your session today.


  Patrice Hardy: BSHc Acupuncture and TCM, R.N.

Patrice Hardy: BSHc  Acupuncture and TCM, R.N.
Patrice Hardy is a traditionally trained Acupuncturist and has been in practice since 2004.  
Patrice treats a wide variety of ailments from pregnancy related conditions (infertility, pre and post natal care), to chronic disease and pain.  Basically anything!
Patrice is a ACC treatment provider and is looking forward to providing ‘ Waiukuians ‘ a comprehensive service of the benefits of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Patrice will be transitioning from the ‘ city ‘ to the local area and is looking forward to living the quarter acre dream!

  Arpita Gor- Massage Therapist

Arpita Gor-  Massage Therapist

Arpita is our fabulous massage therapist at our Waiuku Health Plus Physio Clinic at 30 Constable Road. She compliements all our therapists with her therapuetic treatments consisting of sports massage, deep tissue, and relaxation massage.

Our massage specials are running and we have gift vouchers available for that special someone.

Ring 09 235 9192 ext 2 to book your appointment today.


  Jacqui Robson- Reception and Administration

Jacqui is our lovely receptionist and administration at our physio clinic. She excels in her friendly reception and administration skills, and keeping the practise running smoothly on a day to day basis. For all clinic enquiries ring 09 235 9192 ext 2 or email on




  Heather Marriner- Accounts and Reception

Heather is our lovely accounts and receptionist specialist. Any accounting enquiries Heather will be usre to help you out. If its simply an appointment you are after give her a call. She is so very efficient, organized, and friendly which is key to running a great practise.

You can find her in the afternoons on 09 235 9192 ext 2.


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